9 Instagram Business Pages that Prove Quality Wins over Quantity

Sirarpi Sahakyan
5 min readFeb 24, 2020
Instagram business pages that prove quality wins over quantity
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If you have an Instagram business page, you probably heard lots of people say “You should post every day, post very consistently to get results”.

While I agree that posting consistently will bring results, I don’t think that’s the key factor of engaging your audience or getting more followers. In fact, providing valuable information and posting only relevant content can be more interesting to your audience.

I asked some Instagram business page owners to share their stories of how they concentrate on the Quality of their posts rather than the Quantity of it.

Here’s what they had to say:

1. Peggy Jean’s Pies

Rebecca Miller, a representative from Peggy Jean’s Pies says:

We try to consciously run our Instagram with a focus on really great content. It’s interesting because I feel the pressure to post all the time. If I’m just looking on Instagram personally, I can totally start to stress myself out because so many businesses I follow are posting at least twice a day and with countless stories. Gah — it’s stressful…and exhausting.

So I really think about if we have a beautiful photo of something or something valuable to contribute to the world at large. And if not, we don’t post on a day. GASP. (And so far, we’ve survived just fine!)

2. Visit South Africa

Sparkloft Media, a social-focused agency manages this account and their approach is to post interesting, engaging content that will attract more people to visit South Africa.

3. Challenge Coins 4 You

Kamil Faizi, the owner of the brand says:

We make sure to share with our potential customers (and followers) a description that makes sense and gives insight as to why a customer bought from us, as well as the context surrounding the post, and this seems to boost our engagement.

We make challenge coins, which are popular in the military. For us, that means posting a picture of a coin that we have done for a previous customer, and the story behind that coin design. People want to engage with content that has meaning. We usually get 4 leads every month just from that!

4. iHeartRaves

Brian Lim, the CEO of iHeartRaves approach to having quality posts instead of quantity, is the following:

Our target audience includes fashion oriented people who attend music festivals and enjoy electronic dance music. We engage in influencer marketing in a variety of ways. We find popular accounts that meet our criteria for selection, and we start a conversation to gauge whether or not it’s a good fit. Oftentimes, we will send one of our products to an influencer for free, in exchange for an honest review that is posted to their blog or social media followers.

In the case of Instagram, this leads to a ton of new followers for us, as well as sales. For us, the most important element of an influencer package aside from cultural fit is the overall reach of their blog or social media accounts. We measure our return on investment based on the number of new followers we receive, the number of impressions we receive, how much referral traffic we get, and of course — how many sales come as a result of the campaign.

5. Hammerton Barbados

Hammerton Barbados is an exclusive family run luxury villa and apartment rental agency, based in the UK. George Hammerton, the Director honestly states:

We run a UK based boutique luxury travel agency where we’re amazing at helping people book their dream villa in Barbados, but we’re horrible at social media — good premise, right?

We assumed we needed to post often and so for a time we did, but as we struggled for content we began diluting the overall quality of what we were posting and we learned quickly that what our followers care about is what’s happening on the ground, on the island, and which they can’t see anywhere else. An example of this is our Instagram post about a new beach bar called Sea Shed which opened last year on a popular beach in Barbados; this beach had lost its favourite beach bar in a storm years before and was yearning for a new one. By attending the opening and posting content for customers who couldn’t be there in person we had significantly more engagement than we ever had before, it lead us to write a blog post about it which is still one of our most popular posts, and helped us to establish credibility with a new audience.

This experience reaffirmed our belief in quality over quantity and while we haven’t posted for a long while at this point, once I arrive back there next week and checking out what’s new and authentic, you can be sure we’ll start posting about it again.

6. RushOrderTees

Michael Nemeroff, the Founder, says:

At RushOrderTees, we post our content whenever we feel we have valuable content to provide. No scheduling, no planning, just posting whenever we feel our content is something our audience will like. We will post three days in a row, then skip a week, and continue at a completely random pace. We feel this resonates with our audience, and has proven effective to grow our Instagram account.

7. Hey Girl Decor

Nicole Ketchum, the Founder, says she works hard at posting top-notch photography and quality content.

Yet I am growing slow. I am, however, trying to bring value to my audience versus hammering them every day with sales.

8. Recoup Wellness

Susan Buckwalter, the Co-founder believes in real-life perspective:

We provide wellness, fitness and lifestyle content that centers around our mission of helping people feel better and live well.

We don’t post every day, but rather focus on having quality content that speaks to our audience of wellness minded individuals. Instead of just posting one type of content (yoga photos, food) we want to represent the full spectrum of people’s lives and the things that they are passionate about. Our vision of wellness is not cookie-cutter and our expectation of consumers if that they are out being active, exploring and living full lives offline.

9. Adi Pineapple

Adi Soozin, a Fast Growth Executive, uses her Instagram account to motivate her clients:

I post to the stories section occasionally and the main feed very rarely.. The main feed is a collage of positive quotes that I’ve published for my clients (mainly first time founders) to read through anytime they need a bit of motivation.

I don’t use Instagram to sell / acquire new clients, I use it to motivate and engage with current clients, friends & family. It works for my business model which sells high ticket items.

Final thoughts

I hope these examples inspire you in your Instagram marketing endeavors. Don’t get stressed because you can’t post content every day. Concentrate on bringing value to your followers and it will surely pay off!



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